Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our second "baby"

A and I are working on our second "baby" this weekend. Who is our first you may ask? Well, the answer is obvious...

Don't worry, number two isn't a screaming child. There will be no pregger bellies in this Topanga house for a while. But rather, this beautiful garden is our new labor of love...
I can't write much, because we have to plant our seeds before our Super Bowl party this afternoon. But, it's very exciting to watch this project grow (literally and figuratively). A has been working his butt off and I've been helping as much as I can. While I was making our potluck item for the party I caught him making this little diagram for the seeds:
...color coordinated and everything. I knew I was marrying an artist after all. 

Here we go! Carrots, chard, and spinach oh my! Tom Brady doesn't have shit on this vegetable garden.