Sunday, August 29, 2010


Fall is creeping in through the telephone. My New Englanders are o0-ing over apple trees and sweaters at night. My Portlanders are ah-ing over the final berry harvests (always the best) and foggy mornings. And my even my Pittsburghers are chatting about cooler nights and school buses on the road. But guess what? Nashville is still hot. Today it managed to hover in the low 90's-bearable but still making it tough to turn the AC off and open the windows for an afternoon breeze.

I've been desperate to escape it, so much in fact that I gave up my Sunday sleep-in to bask in the coolness of the morning. At 8am I was up, and by 830 I found myself jogging through the woods. Amazingly enough, I could even feel the breeze on my arms...impossible during the stagnant heat of mid-day. The run was good but the woods were better. There is just something incredibly opening about the woods in the morning. As if they represent an invitation to where the magic happens, while the rest of us sit inside at our desks or classrooms. A deer ran right up to me at the end. Her eyes didn't demand anything from me other than just to say "Hello". I smiled and moved on, leaving her to her leaves and ruffage breakfast platter.

Another great thing about it still being summer here are the warm nights. As the heat breaks (or the rain comes in like it did today) you watch as people in my neighborhood emerge onto their front porches to breathe a breath of non air conditioned air. And, as much as I am eager for my favorite season to begin I am enjoying thees warm nights and cool mornings. Being grateful for the bookends of the day.

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