Thursday, September 23, 2010

A perfect combination

Two things that I am appreciating this week: dogs and dawn.

Every morning this week I have crawled out of bed at 5:40am to properly spend time with my new life companion, Sandee. This dog is the definition of love in the morning time, she cuddles, and snuggles, and licks your face desperately saying "I have to pee, I have pee!". So, I rise, splash my face with water and spend the early two hours of the morning with this face...

I've always loved the idea of calling myself an "Early Riser". In fact, I would argue that mornings are the most quiet and peaceful moment of the day. Walking amongst dark houses with people sleeping, I almost soften my foot step as to not wake them up and quiet her leash when we jog across the street. And, each of these mornings when we get back Sandee and I sit at the bedroom window, me with my coffee and her with her chew toy, to watch the squirrels rustle about in their morning routine.

It's a different kind of morning than I've had in a while. Thank goodness.

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