Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cooking as a gluten free goddess...

As most of you know, I'm off wheat. Well, more than wheat actually- the dreaded gluten. Considering the fact that being "gluten free" is a big weight loss trend out here in LA, most of my students who ask me if I want a cookie say, "Oh, that's right Ms. Cox. You're on a diet". This is, needless to say, very frustrating. Although I enjoy eating healthy, I've never been a diet girl. And although I had a stomach ache for 1 1/2 years, I never took the plunge to go gluten free because of my undying love for doughnuts, fresh bread, and delicious beer. But taking the advice of a doc out here I tried the no-gluten life style for a while. Turns out, I feel SO much better.

So, this means that I have had to adjust my eating. A has been great. He's always ready to try something new; eat corn pasta instead of regular and share a gluten free meal with me when we go out to eat. And even though eating out is hard, looking at all of these beautiful books is even harder...
I have so many cookbooks. My truly amazing parents (who are truly amazing cooks) have given me most if not all of them. Sure I have my favorites; no one does carrot soup like Alice Waters while that little green binder holds some of the most amazing baking receipts that I've ever made during my time as a baker in Oregon. However, they are all special to me and in each of them I know exactly what page to turn to when I need inspiration.

Now, there are some great resources out there on living a gluten free life in the kitchen. Particularly, this amazing gluten free goddess knows her stuff. And, I've had to readjust and make those favorite recipes that are gluten loaded into gluten free expierements. Sometimes it has worked, other times it hasn't. Today was a good day though. I made some warm magic.

My projects? Corn Sweet Potato Chipotle Chowder and Brown Rice Crisp Treats. Both taken from Food Matters by Mark Bitman. As I mentioned yesterday, he's my hero. And, thanks to that truly amazing mother, my copy is not only hardback and beautiful...but signed. That's got to put some good luck into the food. I highly suggest that you buy this cookbook. It's incredible what this man does with ingredients. I did make some changes though, in order to cooperate with my gluten free and lactose sensitive stomach. But in the end, I have some spicy and delicious chowder and a nutty coconut treat to finish off a lovely Sunday. And to make it even better, I get to sip on a gluten free beer because tomorrow is a holiday.

Happy Sunday! I'm off to watch the Golden Globes that are happening just a mere 10 miles away from my gluten free kitchen- weird.


  1. Someday.... "Nature's Own Hand (Gluten-Free) Cookbook"

  2. Mark Bittman himself would love knowing that his recipes are adaptable for the gluten-free generation. You go Gluten-Free Girl! xoxo