Monday, January 16, 2012

A grateful day off

Day's off are really the best. Yesterday I truly got to embrace the idea of "rest" on a Sunday; today I woke up and made pancakes (gluten-free of course); and now, as I sit down with my lesson plan book beside me, four days to plan sounds so much better than five. 
 But, I guess today isn't just a "day off". At least, that is what I told my students. It's a perfect day to be grateful for the life that we live today. But, to also realize that there is still so much to be done. I went on a gorgeous hike today with some old friends that were visiting my little canyon town. It's funny to bring people up here. Even though we are in LA, it feels like you are a world away from the city when hiking on these trails or looking out my bedroom window. I'm not sure how long we'll live here. A year? Five? It's easy to get into this questions and dialogue when hanging out with a girl that has known you since you were four years old. I tried to stop myself from going down that path. It's a tough one to go down; that whole predicting the future kind of thing. But rather, as we were walking I tried to take in the part about being really grateful for what is beautiful around me. My mom once told me that it's impossible to feel anxious and grateful at the same time. 
I left my students with this quote on Friday afternoon, "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." ~Martin Luther King Jr
Although my mom was right, being grateful trumps being anxious, I think love might trump grateful. Either way, it's a better way to live; a better way to bask in the joy of the day.
Thanks for pushing me to write this Em. I needed a little self reflection as the sun was setting...

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  1. Every day we are grateful for you, sweet Birdlette.