Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Turns out everything I am loving this month is green... I guess it has something to do with the season.

1. Green smoothies- Sarma's Cliantro Shake (I like to add a little plain yogurt too...cuts the acidity a bit)

2. Solo walks amongst green trees. (This particular shot is from Percy Warner Park. Nashville's public parks = my happy place.)

3. Finding local green establishments in my new city like n-habit, green wagon, and the turnip truck, to name a few. (Even though I can't afford it all the time, they make you feel so good about spending money there)
4. This green dress (love at first sight)

5. Green eco-lodge in the south of Sweden (places like this remind me why I am a teacher and have my summers off)

6. My favorite spring green t-shirt (There truly is nothing like pulling something out of the summer bin on a hot spring day)

7. Watching my favorite singer play my most favorite song... Little Green

What do you love this month? (it can be any color!)


  1. What do it love this month? Birds - specifically two chickadees who are building a nest near the back parch in a little ceramic cylinder that I have always thought was purely decorative but turns out to be exactly what this cute couple wanted, And they are always nearby; if only one at first, the second quickly shows up twittering away like crazy, objecting to my presence. Sure hope everything works out for these sweet little birds.

  2. Hi Sugar,

    Loving the blog. It's fun to keep up with your adventures from Portland, Oregon! After a gray-raining couple of weeks, the sun has emerged from behind the silver-white clouds and I'm soaking up the heat! With pink ears and rosy cheeks, I send love and a Grand Central treat!