Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good to be home

Coming home- it's inevitable. All great trips come to an end and coming home happens whether we like it or not. The long drive in traffic, the house that smells slightly moldy when you open the front door, plants that need watering, and the totally empty fridge that needs filling. Needless to say, we did not want to come home. The moment we crossed the boarder we were ready to go back and bask in our Baja bliss for weeks upon end. "We only went half way down the peninsula! There is so much more to see!" we sighed, as we sat in traffic on the 405 outside of Los Angeles.  But then, as we broke out of the streamline of cars onto the PCH and turned off onto our canyon road we both thought, "not a bad place to come back to".

And turns out, home isn't all that bad after all  Home is warm cooked meals, fresh eggs for breakfast, and fresh veggies from the garden. Home is old friends for dinner and getting to meet fun new neighbors that have found their way to our neighborhood. Home is long runs with a dog by your side. Home is taking off the flannel winter sheets and putting on new spring sheets because it got that much warmer out. Home is family birthday parties, picking avocados from the tree, and a sweet pup that rests her head on your foot as you type on the computer. Home is good, really good.

So, even though the prospect of teaching tomorrow is daunting (how do I do that again?) and a 530am wake up call to get in the morning run that I have done EVERYDAY for the past week (wow! I can't believe I made that goal!) sounds brutal, life back at home is sweet. So, no complaints here!

But, needless to say, we will be dreaming of Baja until summer.

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