Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Todo bien

Todo bien- all is good. Adam and I sit here in our final resting spot. Although we are happy to be back in Topanga tomorrow, overjoyed to see our beloved Sandee, and filled to the brim with love and adventure from this spectacular honeymoon, we are certainly sad to leave this magical place.0

As we left our "enroute stop over town" in San Quntin we chatted with some ex pats that had moved down to Baja from Vegas years ago. They were curious about our travels, "Mulege! Wow- great spot, huh?", they said. We loved their curiosity and the fact that age 60 they live in Cabo san Lucas and are happy as clams (man- that could be us one day)! But mostly, they said Baja was the most magical place they'd been. We agreed. They also said, in response to a question about the time change, that a saying in Baja was "Why ask why?". Good question- we left it be.

After the grueling 3 hr drive from San Quintin to Valle de Guadelupe (think running into a speed bump on the middle of the most hectic highway in your area), we arrived back in the pristine wine country of where we started- Valle de Guadelupe.

Not in the same spot- Hotel Endemico was sold out for the night- but at the B&B we ate lunch at a week ago, Villa del Valle. A gorgeous villa perched on top of gardens and vineyards we were happy to stay at another magical place in the valley. Warm colored rooms, lush linens, and a house to mesmerize over we are happy. After a couple of quick winery visits, we found great wines and bought an old wine barrel that was transformed into a bar (pictures to come soon). Tamales for dinner and wine in our hands, we are running off to the hot tub for one last soak. What a honeymoon it's been- so good. We truly couldn't have asked for more.


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