Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nearing the end...

A day trip to our southern most point, two missions, and a lot of driving later- we are headed home. It's crazy that this trip is coming to an end. Due home on Thursday, it's hard to believe that we will be in our little Topanga cottage in just two nights. It's a little sad, but damn has it been good.

Yesterday, we jumped into the car for a little day trip to the town of Loreto. Known for it's cobblestone colonial streets and islands to google at, we were happy to spend the day exploring. The two hour drive south was seamless and after a plate of huevos rancheros, we were ready to explore. The views were stunning of Isla Coronada off the coast of the city. The mission, still decked out from the Easter holiday, was honestly more stunning on the outside than the in but still worth a peak. But really, the 30km drive into the mountains to find the San Javier mission was the highlight of the trip. An old stone mission, in the middle of the mountains, this piece of history was amazing. 26 missions in the Baja California state and this was in supposed to be the best. Well, having seen 4 of them- I totally agree.

After a long run along the beach and a farewell to the Sea of Cortez we started our 9 hour drive back north to San Quintin. A stop off in the bay that was accompanied by a very romantic serenade by a Mexican singer and his guitar, we ate clams and reminisced about our adventures. Tomorrow- back to the wine country (we needed a little more wine to top it all off). Then- back to the homestead. Back to life.

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