Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thunderstorms and screen porches

Ever since I moved to the south, I have found a love for screened in porches. They creek with the wind, they protect you from the bugs, and they allow you to sit quietly and listen to the rain as it hits the pavement and dirt around you.

Tonight I want to sleep on my screened in porch. Thunderstorms are expected all night long, and I want to roll out my sleeping bag and place myself into the elements of the spring Tennessee night. Too bad my neighbors cats love the screened porch just as much as me. Maybe, I should build myself a cat free one on the back of my house... just big enough for my bed and a little table so I can turn on a lamp if I get scared.


  1. Nothing better than the screened-in porch at Doolittle

  2. How lovely it is to sleep on a screen porch like that! I agree with all what you said about screen porches. They do have a lot of benefits. Aside from a place to relax, the porch also adds value to the house.
    Angelina Garcia @