Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I heart fall break

Two and half days + one weekend off of writing, teaching, learning, and enlightening the artistic minds of middle school girls. (Inhale one BIG sigh of relief). Here is my to do list...I really hope I can stick to it.

Bake this so I can eat it for breakfast every morning
Spend at least an hour and a half here buying a million veggies to make the best soup you have ever tasted.

Go running here because the leaves have finally started to turn beautiful shades of orange                                                              

Finishing reading this, not like I need more introspection in my life but...hey, why not?     

And run away with the boyfriend to this magical place, to celebrate our one year of love
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We'll see if I come back.


  1. I love this post! I love the format of to do items and pictures. And if I were you, I would have trouble coming back too. Can't wait to read about your progress on your list. <3

  2. Don't you wish that every to do list that you made could have a picture next to it? I really really do...

    Thank goodness for blogs!