Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning Sky

I wish I had my camera this morning when I was walking into school because this is exactly what the sky looked liked (thanks goodness for Google images). Stunning shades of peachy orange and crystal blue mixed together in a way that only complementary colors can. At first the glare hurt my eyes and I had to look away. But then my eyes adjusted and as middle school parents dropped their children off in large SUV's and BMW's I stood on the side walk and stared up. 

"Ms. Cox, what are you looking at?" 
"The sky."
"Because if you look at it, you'll realize it's worth staring at."
"Oh yea, wow...."

This week has been a struggle for me. The business of fall and the dark mornings make it hard to get out of bed. But a special concert this weekend, a trip to my second home in a week, and a west coast Thanksgiving linger closely on my calender. Oh, and I even have something BIG brewing in the aisles of my brain. I'm not quite ready to share it, but soon I promise. 
PS. Turns out when you Google "Morning Sky" you come up first with Google images and then this. I really can't decide which one I love more. 

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