Monday, November 29, 2010

Things that open

During one of my 5th grade drawing assignments last week I asked a fifth grade girl to draw "Things that open". She smiled and at the end of the class she turned this into me with a proud look on her face saying, "Look at how many things I thought of!"

I can tell you about  a million reasons why I love this drawing. The thin lines, the negative space, and the way in which she stacked everything together as if she was making a grocery list (just to name a few). But, most of all , it makes me think about all of the things that are opening up in my life, here and now. Scary things, big things, happy things, exciting things, and most of all very quiet wonderful things. And although the scary stuff often feels like the biggest...this drawing helps me see the wonderful a little more clear.

Nothing like a 5th grader drawing kitchen appliances to help you with life's biggest questions.

Am I taking my job too seriously?

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