Monday, November 8, 2010


An incredible trip to New England this weekend brought me back to my roots in a way that I desperately needed. The cold and wet weather kept us from my favorite beach but spurred an afternoon of puddle jumping, hot cider, and joyful love that could not be replicated. During an evening of soup making we laughed and played like little children. Artists, writers, cooks, and storytellers. It was invigorating to be a part of this group of people again. Although a large portion of my heart is sad that I am no longer surrounded by this love, it is so good to know that even after being gone for 3 years...none of it has vanished. 

To warm ourselves from the wet fall weather we made soup, a project led by my dear friend and fabulous chef Skye Bonney (who knew that buttercup squash was SO much better than butternut!). The soup simmered as we listened to music and laughed. And of course...we danced.

This, followed by a day in Boston with more women that I adore (pictures from the city, the food, and those faces of sunshine soon to come) pieced together a perfect visit to a place I will forever call my second home. Thanks to all who made it so special. I am warm with all of the love I got- officially ready for winter.

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