Monday, January 24, 2011

Enough to convert me

For the past couple of years many of my friends have been telling me to watch Glee. I'm not a huge TV watcher to begin with, so the commitment of getting into a new show is a little overwhelming and enough to deter me completely. But nevertheless I've tried it and honestly... the couple of times that I've watched this singing high school show I've admittedly turned it off within 10 minutes said "Not for me". 

"Maybe it's because I'm a teacher?" I say with a shrug. "I don't want to watch a show about a school because I spend ALL DAY teaching at one!" But those friends who knew me as the little 16 year old that would frolic down the hallways singing the soundtrack of Rent at the top of her lungs just roll their eyes, tell me I'm lame, and that I should give it another shot. 

Well guess what? I think this performance has converted's just that good.

It's like I'm transformed into the 16 year old again when I watch this. First nodding, then tapping my feet, and now I am web searching for the song lyrics so I can sing along with every moment! Watch out middle school art students, your teacher is going to be singing Cielo and dancing around the room before you know it. 

Because singing always makes school more fun.

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  1. Maybe we'll catch it tomorrow night. I sure do remember you singing Rent and kicking up your heels!