Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the love of comfort

Sheets 8 X 10 inch Signed Fine Art Photograph

I am feeling slightly sick. It's not bad yet... but, a slight tingle in my throat, sniffles in my nose, and a pure desire to fall asleep at my desk makes me was to scream.... noooooo, not now!!! A long awaited mini-break to bright lights and sinful deeds begins on Friday and a head cold is just not in the picture. I have outfits put together, cocktails picked out, and plans to spend very little time in bed. So please, for the love of everything good in this world...go away!

 Maybe I'll just make something out of this lovely cookbook that I got for Christmas. Because even though I want to die at the awful timing of these irreversible sniffles, I do love soup and perhaps it will cure me. 

Any other healing tricks? I'll try anything!


  1. zinc. saltwater gargle. sleep. water. lots and lots of water.

    lots of love too,


  2. Fresh ginger root and fresh lemon tea...LOTS OF IT... like all day. (Shave some ginger and squeeze a slice of lemon in some hot water) And raw garlic. Chew it up and swallow. You will stink...and it works! I second what Ben said, add olive leaf. You can get it in a tincture or in capsules. And apples. Eat apples. Good luck! I've kicked many a cold before they took over using these remedies. Don't forget good ol' vitamin C.