Friday, January 21, 2011's time to talk about some football

As you may have noticed, I am from Pittsburgh. The city of steel and land of the Pirmanti Bros sandwich. Where the two rivers merge into one, and you can get a free smiley face cookie every day if you are under the age of 12. It is a wonderful city, and although I have lived many places and will continue to move about, Pittsburgh is simply home. 

Growing up, I watched a lot of sports. Well really, a lot of Pittsburgh sports. My mom is what you call a "sports nut". She screams at the TV, plans her weekends around ESPN, and if I call with something to tell her at the same time Mike Tomlin is holding a press conference...its better for everyone if I call back later. This childhood of steeler, pirate, and penguin sports did two things for me. 1) I learned the games, I know the games, I love the games. 2) If it's not Pittsburgh, it really ain't sh*t as far as my attention span goes. Because in the end sports is simply not sports unless they are wearing black and gold.

But guess what? This weekend, that little problem is not a problem. Because the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in the AFC Championships which is simply the biggest game of the season.Why you may ask? Because it is in Pittsburgh and the steaks of going or not going to Super Bowl XLV are pretty freakin' big. No rock star half time and no fluff commercials ends up equaling the hardest played game of the season. As Jeff Daniels would say, its a game with True Grit. And I may or may not be dressed like this.


So here we go Steelers!!! And for those of you that need some more fight songs in your life. This one will rock your world.

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  1. I'm so proud that I raised a Pittsburgh girl who bleeds black and gold.

    Nell's Momma