Friday, January 7, 2011

An out of the box kind of year...

I'm not great at resolutions (even though I ALWAYS ask other people what their's are- maybe to jump start my brain into being into it). But really, one goal for the whole year? That just seems silly to me and quite frankly, very narrow minded.

So this year I'm picking something so simple that you can apply it to many life dimensions. AND, I can double it with a BIG project that I am working on at school... so really, I'm thinking outside the box....

Think outside the box #1

Think outside the box #2

Think outside the box #3

Think outside the box #4

Which color makes you THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX?


  1. Nell,
    I love this...
    I want to take the first image and turn it into a quilt -- oh! I'm thinking a lot about quilting right now -- and using burlap and wools and maybe leather, maybe even "trash." I'm liking the idea of taking a traditionally "woman's craft" and making it unexpectedly masculine to blur the boundary of the domestic realm. I've been thinking too, of creating a quilt out of mosses and woven grasses - and planting it in the ground to decompose over time...
    Thinking of you and sending love,

  2. Yes yes and yes! I love quilting and all you can explore with it. I've been wanting to do a collaborative quilt with my students but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe next year. I'm loving the moss idea, damn i miss the pacific northwest...

    You are such a creative genius Ben.