Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meltdowns have happy endings

"Can you imagine how many times in our marriage you'd have to grin and bare it through the 'we didn't go on a honeymoon b/c Nell lost her passport' story? SO many times"

When Adam and I woke up yesterday we were in a complete state of happiness. It was our first morning of spring break, we both had slept in until 9:45am (a rarity for me), and we were ready to leave on our honeymoon to Baja in less than 24 hours. It was going to be good. Really good. That said, until I couldn't find my passport.

I won't bring all of you through the awful details. Plenty of you reading this helped me through my insane panic attack that sent me driving all over LA county. The end result is that I found a drawer...the first spot I looked pre- meltdown and apparently didn't see it. And, all the thoughts of "I'll never have a honeymoon again", "my husband is going to HATE me forever", and "maybe I can just sneak myself across the boarder in the trunk of the car" were not necessary. And now, exactly 24 hrs after i found that little blue book and collapsed to the floor, we are back in that lovely state of happiness at Endemico in The Valley de Guadalupe.

Today started at 6am. "We need to get through the boarder before the cartel wakes up", Adam says. But, driving into Baja was everything we didn't expect- it was way easier! No long lines, no machine guns, and they didn't even ask for our passports!!!!!!!!! We basically drove through the gates and we were in. One minute we were in San Diego the next we were in Mexico- it was that easy.

The drive down the coast and then up into the wine country was like leaving Hawaii and entering some desert land from Star Wars. As we approached our hotel we recognized it instantly. Mostly because it's insanely beautiful with tiny pods as rooms perched amongst boulders. Checking in, we were handed a glass of fresh sangria and we knew we were in for a treat. After two fresh tamales from a stand in town we are now even happier.

Adam is asleep and I'm headed to the pool. Lots of photos are being taken but here are some to wet your pallet. Tomorrow is wine tasting and hiking. Good things are ahead of us- and even if we run into problems, meltdowns always have happy endings.



  1. So glad to know you're in your pod tonight with Adam and your passport. Happy Moon, Bird!
    Love, JJ

  2. more posts please! xx hope you are enjoying every second! love, kala