Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scorpion bites have happy endings

For the record, scorpion bites do not start off as "happy"- not one bit. Last night, as we were winding down from our long day of driving and exploring, I cuddled next to Adam, gave him a little kiss, and snuggled into my pillow. I was SO tired.

Then, I yelled...loudly. Leaping from the bed I ran across the room screaming "something bit me!!!" As I ran my finger under the cold water saying "oh god- it's hurts, it hurts" Adam proceeded to tear apart the bed- every sheet, every inch. But, there was nothing there there. There was nothing there at all.

After killing a tiny house spider for the hell of it, we crawled back into bed as I literally writhed in pain. All I could think was, "seriously, Nell- a spider that small? Buck up!" Then, as Adam moved his pillow to relax he paused.... "oh shit, Nell, it's a scorpion". WHAT???????

Long story short, I was stung by a scorpion that was probably the bark scorpion- venomous and painful as all hell. And, after smashing the bastard, checking the sheets about 200 times for more, and a mere 3 hours of sleep from all the adrenaline and pain rushing through my body, I woke up this morning not exactly ready for our adventure of whale watching we had planned in Laguna San Ignacio. I was not a happy camper.

But, don't worry- this story has a happy ending.

After a lot of coffee and some warm tortillas with eggs, we crawled into our van to take us on what turned out to be one of the most magical days we have ever had. The gray whale migration goes through Baja every year. Each year, whales come down to birth their calves in the winter waters of Baja, California. Starting in April, they head north as the waters warm but not without some good play time in the Baja Lagunas.

Today we played with whales. Coming straight up to our boat, we rubbed their bellies, laughed as they sprayed us with their blow holes, and I even got to kiss one of the calves on their nose! It was incredible. We were in awe of the whales, the ocean, and the harmony between us and their species. Despite my throbbing finger, I forgot about it all. We were laughing and splashing all day long.

Upon our return, we hopped into the car and drove two hours south to the town of Mulege (pronounced Mu- la- hay). Here, we will spend the next four nights in a little house of our own. We have our own kitchen, a coffee maker, and even our own private porch with a grill on the patio. Kayaks in the back yard and dive shops in town, we are ready for a good stint on the Sea of Cortez.

A numb finger (it's feeling better every hour) aside, we end the day happy and joyful for more adventures a head.

And yes, Adam will be searching the sheets for any unwanted visitors tonight.

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