Monday, March 25, 2013


In Spanish, vinacola means winery. Pretty amazing considering it sounds like it should be some kind of Mexican soda. But, today we experienced the Mexican side of wine and much more.

Our day began with an omelette that was so good that during dinner Adam mentioned how excited he was for his omelette the next morning. With a very hilly run and lots of coffee under my belt, we were ready to face the Valle de Guadeloupe of wine.

Our first stop was Barren Bolche where we were greeted with an eager tour guide with excessive pearls around her neck. The wine was great- we bought a bottle of the Grenache-Cab that was especially lovely- but mostly our memorable moment was the intense photo shoot that the woman took of us the moment she found out we were honeymooning. Nell and Adam behind the wine cellar, Nell and Adam behind the wine barrels, kissing hugging...everything! She took a million pictures and it was just like we were back with Irene at the wedding. Oof!

For lunch, we arrived at the B&B Ville de Valle. This place was unreal. A B&B run by a British couple they have the most beautiful and pristine villa down the longest dirt path. Getting slightly lost a long the way we arrived hungry and ready to eat at their restaurant, carazon de la tierra.. Turns out, the lunch was an expensive pre fix 3 course meal which turned out to be one of the very best meals we could have ever had. Gluten free with fresh veggies from their garden and water that had lavender and rosemary soaking in it, we ate looking at their gardens lush with fresh chard and sunflowers. Their winery, made out of old boats, or lanchas in espanol, was a sight to be seen and included a flight of delicious wines served by a woman named Americana. It was a good stop.

Now, we sit on our balcony at Hotel Endemico. Our chiminea is lit, our glasses are filled with red wine, and tomorrow we hit the coast for a drive south. This spot is amazing and we could not have found a better hotel and valley to start our trip.

See you soon!


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