Friday, March 29, 2013


I know this might sound like I am bragging, but we are really hitting the jackpot with places to stay down here. I mean every little town, tamale cart, and each company we have worked with has been a dream- especially in Mulege.

When we arrived upon our little house last night, we were tired and slightly numb from my scorpion attack the night before. But, as we woke up this morning we new we were in bliss. After a run along the river that jets out into the ocean, I came back and was immediately served fresh tamales from a woman outside our house. Tamales and coffee for breakfast? Why not?

Later, as we explored the town, we did our ATM business, made reservations to go scuba diving, and even found a lovely little market to get supplies for cooking in our kitchen. We bought fresh corn tortillas, tequila and conroy (an amazing Mexican orange liquor) for margaritas, and chips and queso- the whole nine yards. If you can't tell, we are determined to make out little casita feel like home. And, it's working...we might never leave.

The spot where the house is couldn't be more perfect. The river runs along the row of houses and empties out into the ocean. I have a running trail to die for, a bar around the corner that makes fresh garlic shrimp from the sea and chile rellanos, and a set of kayaks that we got to take out for a whirl and a swim. Terns, cormorants, and great blue herons fill the laguna. This afternoon the air was about 82 and the water close to 70. Bliss.

After a little bit of FaceTime with the parents we are turning in. I think I have finally mastered a perfect margarita and Adam grilled fresh fish for fish tacos. Tomorrow we are doing a two tank dive off of islands in the Sea of Cortez. That'll work!

Happy Good Friday to all that are celebrating. Semana Santa vacationers have been around a lot this week but other than that we haven't seen much resurrection celebrations. But, Easter should provide that. We're here until Monday and plan to soak up as much of it as we can. We've already decided we are coming back to Mulege. Actually, we might come back to all of it.


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