Thursday, February 3, 2011

Put a bird on it

little nest ring
As most of you know, I love birds. My nickname has been Bird since I was out of the womb. I'm not too sure why. Apparently I used to move my mouth like a baby bird when I wanted food? Or something about me waking up at odd hours of the morning never letting my parents sleep? Nevertheless, they gave me the name and Nell Bird, Bird, Birdlette was adopted very quickly. In honor of this second identity my parents, friends, and students have showered me with bird art since the beginning. I love it. And honestly, the fact that "birds" are uber trendy at the moment makes me even happier. Because now there are LOTS of bird things out there...all pf which I aim to own.

And even though it's poking fun, this kind of makes me love my collection even more...

If you haven't checked out Portlandia, it is pure genius. I know it makes fun of my beloved city but since when is it bad to laugh at yourself? And trust me, there is a lot of laughing in the show.

And psst...if you're looking for a present to buy me you could always consider this: 


Bird and Twiggy wallpaper. How awesome would that be in my bedroom?!

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