Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pittsburgh Foodie Pride

I have to give a little shout out to my home town which made the NY Times today for my favorite subject...FOOD! Restaurants in Pittsburgh have flourished beyond anything I imagined when I was an 18 year old and still living there.  And, although I will forever be an Eat n'Park girl (if you are a "burger" you know how the smiley face cookie can win you for life) but these new restaurants make me eager to visit my parents and do what we do best, eat!

Here's an excerpt about my favorite local spot (has nothing to do with the fact that the woman behind the taste used to babysit me and is the sister of my one of my besties from high school ;). But seriously, their food is amazing and 100% worth having if you are on the East Side or really anywhere in the city.

"Trevett and Sarah Hooper, husband and wife restaurateurs, were pioneers in 2007 when they opened Legume (1113 South Braddock Avenue; 412-371-1815;, one of the city’s first independently owned restaurants with a focus on local food. This spring, the popular 34-seat bistro, where Mr. Hooper is chef, will move to a larger space in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood. In addition to buying from area farmers, he said he hopes to do more whole-animal cooking in the new space."

 And just in case you missed the link:

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