Monday, February 21, 2011

Shades of gray

I went to a ground breaking yoga class today. It was the kind of yoga class that changes someones life.

 After 90 min of mantras, stretching, and cleansing myself of all toxins I walked out of the studio turning to my friend Ann bewildered and amazed at how I suddenly felt that all my problems had been solved. Thank god she felt the same way or else I would have felt nuts. A yoga class can't solve everything, can it? Well, today in Nashville, TN it did just that for both of us. 

Post yoga and lunch I immediately grabbed the pup for a walk around the lake. My sudden release of tension and anxiety needed a place to settle and I knew just the spot. I was in awe of how many shades of gray I ran into. With the temps in the mid 60's it seemed odd. Gray and warm don't often go hand in hand. But today was just a day of surprises.

I guess I have George Washington to thank. His birthday equaled my day off. And now I am in bed with the same dog staring out at an even grayer day as we approach dusk. And damn, does her golden fur look good against those muted colors.

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  1. I look out the window and see the TT buried in snow - grey buried in white white. Winter still has us in its maw.