Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday...and some gifts from Skye

As you know, my dear-and-oh-so-beautiful friend Skye Bonney came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. It was beyond lovely to have her in Nashville for a week. The ease at which we play together is remarkable. When we went to visit a friend of mine for juice and a chat she told me a week later that I looked 10 years younger with her around. Now that's the kind of person you want to keep!

We did lots of cooking things, crafty things, adventure things, and relaxing things. But most importantly, just as we used to do every night when we shared a house together, we listened to lots of new music things. Skye has always been my introducer to fine music. She stretches my boundaries and ideas, she pushes me to love things that I may not normally love, and when we see live music together man oh man do we dance up that floor!

Here are some tunes that I would love to see live with her (or anyone for that matter). I choose to share with you the ones that I had not heard of at all before her little visit. Maybe they will be new for you too!

Happy Music Monday!

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