Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leanne Shapton

 I have been loving the work of  Canadian artist Leanne Shapton. I just recently discovered her while reading Skippy Dies, and found myself oohing over the watercolor cover every time I picked it up. 

The classics revisited- found at the neo-traditionalist 

Then, I was so excited to find out that the NY Times has been doing a special in their op ed section called A Month of... By Leanne Shapton. Wahoo! There truly isn't anything better than being excited about an artist and then being able to dive head first into their work. My favorite "chapter" of this Month Of... is the Wednesday Patterns. I love how she takes a pattern she finds either on a towel that a house guest left or on a pillow case in a spare room to define the activities of her week. The colors are so rich and the patterns detailed and unique. I love it! 

Maybe I'll need to start making my own Wednesday Patterns? Today would look something like this one-
resembling the blisters on my feet from breaking in my spring time shoes...


Thank you Leanna Shapton! Your inspiration is exactly what I needed this week. Here is some more stuff to ooh and ahh over...

Beautiful leaf illustrations from her book The Native Trees of Canada. To learn more check out The Paris Review.

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