Monday, April 4, 2011

What an awful mother I am...

Blue Cupcake Card

...I forgot my blogs birthday!

April 1st passed by without even noticing and there went the one year birth of this little spot of rambling non-sense. In some ways though, it's appropriate that I remembered today. This 4th day of April is probably my biggest birthday day of the year. Carly, Meghann, Chas, my childhood dog Sophie, and more were all born today. SO, it's always been a favorite day for me. Happy Birthday friends, love you!

One year of blogging eh? There are a lot of things I've learned and done on this little url. and I am so thankful for all my dedicated readers.  I know most of you feel invested in it either because you birthed me (love you Mom and Dad) or you simply spent many years listening to my  ramblings and therefore want to know what's become of them. But either way, blogs would not be blogs if it's were not for you. So thanks...big time.

Tornadoes are fore casted for this afternoon. Makes me want to sit on my screened in porch and watch the lightening. I do love the month of April in the south- mysteriously turbulent.

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