Thursday, April 21, 2011

Preparing for the infestation

Cicada No.1 Original 11x15 Fine Art Watercolor As Seen In Italian Glamuor Style

I know I've been living in the future during my last couple of posts. How can I not???? There are so many changes on the horizon and quite frankly, it's IMPOSSIBLE not to think about them all the time. But yes, I know. Better to live in the present. Better to live and exist in the space that you are in.

Nashville, TN in the spring time...oh how I love the warm nights. My last month in Nashville is going to go by much quicker than I want it to. Garden parties and music shows. Dinners with friends and walks at my favorite lake. All must get done and I must do it all multiple times. Because even though it seems as though I just moved to this little town, those people and things that have touched me have touched me deep.

But then there are the bugs...BIG bugs. I just found out this week that there is this phenomenon that happens in Middle Tennessee every 13 years. A certain species of cicada's called Brood XIX infests the city of Nashville like nothing you've ever seen. Bugs in your hair, bugs plastered to your car, bugs hanging from the trees like Christmas ornaments. And of course, it happens only one month in Nashville, my last month...May. 

I guess the only thing to do is embrace the little critters. But, it's not helpful in the trying to live in the present department. Because apparently they just start crawling out from the ground...but the question is, when????

To read more about this crazy crazy event click here.

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  1. The cicadas come to Pittsburgh to sing in August. I guess they like the heat. It's pretty much like dueling banjos when they get going. Somehow I find the single note song reassuring.