Friday, April 15, 2011

So spacious...

Dear Friends- Welcome to my new house...

...or at least the only tangible one I have on the horizon. With the big move approaching we don't quite know where we will be living once we leave our little Nashville duplex and head west. Although we keep tempting ourselves with craigslist in Topanga Canyon, we can't commit to a spot until  after we direct a camp in Northern Cali during June and July. Because honestly, LA rent makes you want to faint just looking at it, let alone paying for something that we aren't using.  

So... the only roof I have to rely on is this tent. This very large spacious tent that had two, count them 1-2- rooms (watch this amazing video to get the full experience- the accent will blow your mind)! In this tent we will live all summer amongst screaming camper, with our compact kitchen outside and our 45 lb. pup inside. The whole thing just arrived this week and we are so tempted to set it up in the backyard and test her out in the Tennessee wild. 

The pup says back room is all hers, and when she puts her DO NOT DISTURB sign up no one is allowed in. Oh, the teenage dog years can be so moody!

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